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Holder is a simple yet challenging bullet hell game. It's arcade-like and its main mechanic is the ability to hold only one item at a time, including enemy bullets.

Holding a bullet for too long kills you, but quickly picking up a different item can save you.

  • Deliver coins to get 10 points each time.
  • Shield blocks one bullet.
  • Move: arrow keys or WASD
  • Exit:  Esc

Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019 (with the theme only one).

Music & Sound effects made on-the-run by TeragonT.

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP, open the folder. Run Holder.exe to play.


Holder.zip 19 MB


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I like the idea of not getting damaged if you are fast and lucky enough

Thank you for the kind comment :)! Future update will replace some of the luck with even more skill :D.